2022 Summer Trip Summary

I returned home August 11 without any significant incidents.

The weather was fantastic for the entire trip, with only a couple days of rain, and only a few more with clouds. I did not require any air conditioning, either driving or stopping until I got to Iowa, where I found 2 days of rain, hot & humid, without a breath of breeze. Then the blue skies and cooler temperatures returned.

Here are some statistics on the trip, obtained from the truck’s trip computer and my fuel log.

  • Total Miles Driven: 6,976
  • Total Hours Driven: 175 (This is really engine run time and includes stop lights, etc.)
  • Calculated Average Speed: 40 mph
  • Fuel Economy for the trip: 11.04 mpg
  • Average Premium Fuel Price: $4.799
  • Lowest Premium Fuel Price Paid: $3.69 (Sam’s Club North Oak KC)
  • Highest Fuel Price Paid: $5.86 (Fernley Nevada – Mid-grade – Premium was over $6)
  • Total number of gas stops: 29

Although gas prices were high in the west, the trip average was not that bad. I get enough better gas mileage on premium that it mostly offsets the higher cost.

My truck has an adaptive speed control that maintains a fixed distance behind the vehicle in front of me. I discovered that if I “draft” a semi by 100-200 feet, I gain .5 – 1.0 in gas mileage depending on headwind. (as measured on the trip computer)

Here are the final routes of the trip:


Have a great Rest-Of-The-Summer everyone!