• Artist in Residence
    The little airport in the town where I grew up built a new terminal (even though it has no air service). It houses administrative offices, and a large cafe. But the thing that makes it unique – or so they claim – it is the only airport terminal in the US that has a built-in brewery. Anyway, I recently came … Read more
  • Some Memorial Day Thoughts
    Spending Memorial Day at Fort Sumter where the Civil War began reminded me that the first celebrations of Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day occurred shortly after at the end of the War, and one of the most remarkable was here in Charleston. Late in the war Union prisoners were held on the infield of the race track at the … Read more
  • Fort Sumter on Memorial Day
    Fort Sumter 1 was built after the war of 1812 as one of a series of coastal port defenses and named after a Revolutionary war hero, General Thomas Sumter. But it entered history as the site of the first shot of the Civil War. It is built on a constructed island formed of 70,000 tons of granite shipped from New … Read more