• Geek Emeritus Logo
    I have settled on a logo for Geekemeritus.com. It is the Nyansapo (pronounced: knee-in-say-bow), a West African symbol that seems to capture what we want to do here. It is also called the ‘wisdom knot’. In that culture it represents the following characteristics which are core to a modern geek. 1 It will be added to the website identity over […]
  • Precision Ag at Desert Claim Farms
    2002-07-24 I left Portland on the 17th, and after a couple of stops found myself on US Highway 2 crossing the continental divide at Marais Pass south of Glacier National Park. US-2 parallels the Canadian border from Seattle to the Michigan UP. I would follow it as far as Duluth. Local residents call it the High Line. This is the […]
  • Scouts Rest Ranch
    2022-05-27 After riding for the Pony Express, serving in the Union Army, scouting for the western military, gaining fame as an “indian fighter”, killing thousands of American Bison for the Kansas Pacific Railroad, and trying his skills as an actor on the Chicago stage, William F. Cody founded his Wild West Show in North Platte in 1983. The show toured […]