Artist in Residence

The little airport in the town where I grew up built a new terminal (even though it has no air service). It houses administrative offices, and a large cafe. But the thing that makes it unique – or so they claim – it is the only airport terminal in the US that has a built-in brewery.

Anyway, I recently came across a brewery that has an “Artist-in-residence.” The Hook Hand Brewery & Taproom in Williamston, NC is such a place.

I spent the night there in the courtesy of owner Jeremy Maxik, and had some “Watermelon Beer” – or wine, I am not sure which.

The Hook Hand is truly one of a kind, from the exterior graffiti art to the washing machine parking lot fence to the eclectic interior where everything is for sale.

Hook Hand does not serve food, but Jeremy directed me to the Original Chicken Kitchen for Really Good southern fried chicken – enough for two meals.

As evening came on, other travelers from New York, Virginia, and Florida arrived to spend the night in the Hook Hand parking lot, as well as local regulars. An evening of good conversation commenced. I had another watermelon beer.

But I digress. The artist is a local counselor and art teacher, Bill Fien, who was trained as an art historian and has a 30-year career of living in beautiful places and doing interesting things. I had a long conversation with Bill as he was walking around the building with spray cans making “touch-ups” to the exterior paintings. He explained his theories on color composition and his process, and claiming he “will paint anything.” His palette of choice contains bold, bright colors, and his subjects are mostly dolphins, turtles, seaweed, and anthropomorphic shapes; work he describes as “surreal.” William Fien Art

The Hook Hand is a huge canvas. The exterior is completely covered with Bills art. I bought a small dolphin painting.

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