Moab on the Colorado


I camped by the Colorado River in the Red Rocks Gorge north of Moab. 1

The gorge is not as deep as some of other canyons, but the cliffs on both sides are nearly vertical through all of the 15 mile drive. You can’t get a feel of the size in the photographs. There are a couple of places along highway 128 where the cliffs overhang the highway. The downside of being at the bottom of a 2,000 foot canyon is that there is no cell service of any kind.

Moab is a city filled with hotels, ATV, Jeep, bicycle and boat rentals, as well as tour operators for all of them — and crowds. The entrance to Arches National Park is two miles away and entrance is by reservation only – which I did not have. I did drive there and turned around at a sign that said “Two hour wait from here”.

About 9:30 in the evening the cliffs over the river were lit up like daylight. The light moved down the river toward me. The aliens have landed!

  1. I wish I could remember all the times I have camped by the Colorado. The two I do remember are Needles California and Laughton Nevada.[]