What is a Geek Emeritus?

Yes, you may also be a Geek Emeritus if you have done any ten of the following things:

  • Carried a sliderule on your belt or in your shirt pocket on a daily basis.
  • Be able to retrieve said sliderule in less than 60 seconds — right now!
  • Derived Maxwell’s equations.
  • Watched the original Star Trek on its first airing — and know where you were.
  • Had a crush on Jeannie. (If you don’t know the meaning of this you are permanently disqualified!)
  • Know who said “…billions and billions of stars.”
  • Wrote a real computer program on punch cards — and dropped your card deck!
  • Built a transistor from scratch.
  • Participated in Towel Day.
  • Remember what you were doing when John Kennedy was shot.
  • Wire-wrapped circuit boards.
  • Your first computer program ran on a machine made with vacuum tubes.
  • Read the “Martian Chronicles.”
  • Watched “The Princess Bride” with your kids — and enjoyed it more than they did.
  • You knew you were a geek before it was cool.
  • The number ”42″ gives you a peaceful feeling.

Do you qualify? Let me know.